About Us

Excellence in Aircraft Renovation Since 1973

AIR MOD is a full service aircraft renovation company in Southwest Ohio.

We offer a wide range of comprehensive services:
Innovative aircraft interiors, custom instrument panels, auxiliary fuel systems, glass installations and other modifications.

The company was founded in 1973 by Dennis Wolter, industrial designer by vocation and aviation enthusiast by avocation. Having worked on many aviation and NASA design projects as a student and operating a design consultation business in the early seventies, Dennis became accutely aware of a critical need for an aircraft renovation facility where private aircraft owners could access professionally and ergonomically designed, high quality work, at the time only available to corporate jet operators. AIR MOD was started with the intent of pursuing this idea.

From the beginning, the company enjoyed a steady flow of work from all over the country; it seemed general aviation was definitely ready for this state of the art approach which would become the hallmark of an AIR MOD interior. Today, we have an enviable reputation for having set a new standard in this industry. Over the years we have steadily grown, both in size and technical ability, and have become well known throughout the country for the level of quality, expertise, safety and innovation we bring to the field of aircraft renovation. Dennis is well-known in the industry, giving countless seminars at aviation conventions, and contributing to and writing magazine articles related to all phases of aircraft renovation.
The professional staff at AIR MOD completes about forty renovations a year, and we take great pride in seeing a twenty-year-old installation that looks as good as the day it left our hangar. Please give us a call at 513-732-6688 if you would like additional information or wish to visit our facility. We would welcome the opportunity to show you the quality of our work and the scope of our abilities. Due to the complex nature and individuality of an aircraft renovation, we feel that a phone call is the best way to initially review the scope of your project.