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Please read below and give us a call so we can discuss your next renovation.

What should I do first, paint or interior ?

It is more of a matter of convenience for you, the owner, as we do not have a strong opinion as to what should be done first. Our staff is accustomed to working on a customer’s airplane that comes to our facility with a brand new paint job, and we are very careful to protect your beautiful new exterior. As well, most quality paint shops are quite respectful of newly renovated interiors / components, carefully removing and masking whatever is necessary to protect your beautiful new interior and ensuring meticulous results both inside and out.

What should I do in the weeks or months leading up to my interior renovation ?

We think it is a good idea to keep a notebook in your airplane in those prior planning weeks. As you fly, make note of things you would like to improve about your interior, items you would like to add to or eliminate from your cabin experience, and after-market installations that you might be considering. Doing an interior renovation presents an ideal time to take care of your wish list. We will have ideas and suggestions for you when we meet to go over project details, but it’s always a benefit when a customer gives us some direction.

What is done to ensure passengers are as comfortable as the pilot ?

Our goal is to give you an interior that is safe and comfortable regardless of where you sit in the airplane. We design and build our seats to dimensions known as ‘standard measure of man’, incorporating lumbar and thigh support at all stations. The vastly improved comfort of our seats is the comment we hear most often from our customers after their flight home from our shop. Additionally, we can install gooseneck maplights and USB ports for your passengers. Those upgrades, as well as improved cabin heat and ventilation, go a long way to make your flying experience more enjoyable than ever.

How long will my renovation take ?

No one wants to lose the use of his or her airplane; we get that. But we will not turn a blind eye to existing conditions in the aircraft, some of which may be unknown to you. Your empty cabin and stripped interior components divulge issues which can certainly be resolved but that take time. It is very difficult to predict everything we are likely to find during the course of your renovation. We suggest to prospective customers that we need your airplane for six to eight weeks, but the reality is that it can take longer based on what we encounter. Also, adding window installations or instrument panel upgrades to the basic interior work will increase the scope of the project and obviously the down time.

What material choices do you suggest for my interior ?

We quote our projects using a fabric and vinyl combination on seats and side panels, vinyl on the headliner (unless yours is a hard plastic type), and wool carpeting. All are aircraft materials that meet FAR 25.853a. Many customers ask about leather, which is an upgrade and which we use in probably 50% of our interiors. Everyone loves the smell of leather, and it does impart a certain element of class to your interior. And the use of leather may possibly increase resale value of your airplane when the time comes. But the reality is that the right fabric and vinyl can actually be more durable, and more comfortable in temperature extremes. There are obviously many things to consider when making your interior selections, and we have a lot for you to look at when you visit!

What is your warranty ?

We state in our paperwork that our warranty policy covers materials and workmanship for three years or 500 hours. In actuality, our warranty is better than that. If anything that we fabricate or install ever fails, regardless of when, and the failure is not due to carelessness, accidental damage, or normal wear & tear, Air Mod will honor an implied warranty and take care of the matter at no cost to the customer (yes, we really mean that). In other words, if something fails that shouldn’t fail, we will take care of it for you. We have always treated our customers with a great deal of fairness, and will continue to do so.